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Demo is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. 
His collections are produced in Bulgaria.
The combination between Bulgarian post-socialist spirit and the extraordinary futuristic dreams, together with intentional unwariness to details, are the basis of Demobaza’s philosophy, which has generated the concept of deconstructive uniform.
Demobaza is a young fashion brand created in 2009 by Demo and Tono its designers and main forces. The company started with an online store mainly selling unique creations which later evolved into a limited edition series.
In 2010 Demobaza opened its first showroom/store in Sofia. The brand employs a team of eight people, which allows it to continuously achieve worldwide sales in the UK, US, Germany, Austria, Japan and Australia among many others.
About the style:

Clothes for casual, more formal and club wear.
 Minimal and futuristic look expressed by deconstructive sporty shapes.
 Uniform built of trashy and bad made elements. 

DEMOBAZA IS BASED in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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