A Glamorous Renovation

An apartment in Old Quebec revisits history

Carole Schinck / Styling: Genevieve Simard

This apartment of a residential building in Old Quebec in 1886 has been transformed in accordance with the original style. Two dwellings in one area 1800 ft2, open and bright.

"There has long been Louise and Claude had an overwhelming favorite for a home in Old Quebec. Then fate began the game."My wife and I love the architecture, says Claude, and we often walking around. We were swooning before the 1886 residential building colored facade and wrought iron balconies, built at the time to a colonel came from New Orleans. One day we came across the real estate agent to sell the building we loved so much. We later met the owner, who eventually we started: "My house is yours, because you really like it!" We finally materialized our dream. "

"Affection and care, the couple has provided tons to transform the space of the second floor, previously occupied by two units in one apartment 1800 ft2, open and bright. And all this while respecting the original style."

"Growing up, I planned to become an architect, says Claude, but I found myself in administration. This interior is the fourth we are renovating. Over time, we have gained experience! I designed everything myself, with the help of an architect for the plans, and I supervised the work carried out by experienced professionals.To develop the conservatory and install windows on both sides, for example, we completely remove an old home built in the appendix. We also removed no less than four layers of brick flooring and seven! "Most ceilings have been raised, new vocations have been attributed to certain parts and bearings are now act as a bridge between different parts of the apartment."

Three long years later, the end result is stunning.

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