ballet beautiful

"How many leaps did Nijinksy take before he made the one that startled the world? He took thousands and thousands and it is that legend that gives us the courage, the energy, and arrogance to go back into the studio knowing that while there is so little time to be born to the instant, you will work again among the many that you may once more be born as one. That is a dancer’s world."

-Martha Graham

© Eugeny Lyulyukin
Maria Shirinkina
Jurgita Dronina’s Arabesque

"It is important as a woman not to lose your identity for a man. I have watched so many young women in dance throw their lives, dreams and history making potential away to please a man. ‘He’s upset that he doesn’t get to spend time with her.’ ‘She’s always in rehearsals.’ ‘There’s no time for the relationship.’ ‘He’s always sitting around waiting for her.’ etc. If a relationship comes at the expense of your dreams and he does not complement or cultivate your dreams, then you are with the wrong man."

Safi A. Thomas

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