A Romantic Getaway in France

"D'une île"
Remalard, France
"D'une île" is an inspirational, romantic manor you can stay at that's on the edge of a national park an hour and a half outside Paris. 
Situated on seven acres of forest with two springs and a creek, D’une île consists of a sprawling manor house and its medieval cottages repurposed as a getaway dedicated to the enjoyment of nature, art and food."
Last October, Studio Aandacht & Sons took their car and drove down to France, to visit "D’une île", a picturesque manor an hour and a half away from Paris.
Amsterdam couple Michel Mulder and Sofie Sleumer invite you to their extraordinary hotel in which nature, design, quality produits régionnaux and good people coexist in a merger of art and living. 
Medieval cottages, each interior uniquely designed, exquisite food and beverages and the soothing simplicity of nature. 
What was once a stable, is now a temporary artist’s studio; what was once an away cellar will be a wine-bar. 
Each apartment has a story of its own and in many cases the furniture is for sale. An isle in time, for they who wish to chillax .
"D’une île " offers more than 10,000 square feet of hotel space, 4 different buildings covering 600 square meters, housing 9 apartments with a total of 28 beds, a café-restaurant and seven acres of land.
Sofie (an interior designer) and Michel (apart from a composer/musician, a professional chef with a great love for the products of this region) restore furniture and design the rooms. 
Each room gets another treatment and therefore a different character. 
But not only the inside looks beautiful, also the surroundings are stunning; 7.3 acres of fields and forest, including 2 springs, a marsh and a creek.
This historic village is situated on the edge of a forested hillside of a big national park called Le Perche, in Basse-Normandie.
 The park is a conservation area with evergreen forests, hills and rivers, medieval castles, manors and villages.
This is the new romantic nomadism according to Studio Aandacht.

Studio Aandacht is styling director Tatjana Quax, art director Ben Lambers and the people they surrounded themselves with since they started their studio for ‘commercial culture’ back in 2001. Both national and internationally reknowned museums, publishers, magazines, brands, designers and manufacturers choose to hire this creative couple to do their creative work.

Studio Aandacht is sharing with Trend tablet’s community their latest travel and -coup de foudre-.

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