Ebanista... simply perfect.

"A superlative collection of extraordinary furnishings and objets d'art"... this is Ebanista.

Ebanista is known for luxury and sophistication in the world of interior design. 
The collection has an elegant but comfortable quality where impeccably antiqued rugs are perfectly at home with haute rock-crystal chandeliers.
A Spanish Colonial barqueno is back-dropped by a grandly-scaled Italian landscape and where on a crisp white linen settee sits an 18th century tapestry pillow. Styles, eras and heritages are layered and mixed with expertly orchestrated ease.
"It's hard to tell what is an antique and what's not, and that's precisely the point," says Melinda. Ebanista's ceramicists, weavers, foundry men, guilders, silversmiths, artists, and furniture makers - once known throughout Europe as ebanistas - assure the elegance of old world charm with a modern sensibility.
Ebanista is a tribute to highly sophisticated taste…"a complexity and warmth that are seldom seen together…contrasting characters that complement one another…the nobility and beauty of the finer materials…the dedication, patience, and pride of craftsmanship…antiquity, patina, and old world techniques…graceful lines…sensitivity to proportion and pedigreed details," says Fari.
Ebanista's unique interpretation of European classics encompasses an extensive collection of furniture and custom upholstery, textiles, rugs, pillows, mirrors, oil paintings, rock-crystal chandeliers, lamps, silver, bronzes, ceramics - all characterized by a distinctive quality and an appreciative value.
Ebanista showrooms are located in the major design centers of the United States and have become the source to the most influential designers.

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