Kitchen Fabulous


A foldable workbench and concealed appliances allows the kitchen ultra-modern yet discreet.

The basic idea was to build a well-planned kitchen, not too big and certainly not too prominent. The owners wanted to hide appliances and sink altogether, while the kitchen would have all the convenient features: work without being seen. 

The solution was including a long board - which goes up and down as needed - hides stovetop and sink, where even the mixer is lowered. The disc extends from wall to wall and can be used as a storage area or ladle. Inside of lid is clad in aluminum to act as a splash guard when the stove is used.

The mixer Mora fixture folds easily down the sink when it's time to fold the disc.The disc / cover are spotlights that provide good lighting. Drawer fronts have grip utfräsningar instead of the usual handle.

Between the slats in the wall was windows up so that the garden will really close.The reversible disc in the kitchen continues into the orangery, which split off from the kitchen with a nearly invisible glass wall and door. The hood Grace from Elica looks like a ceiling light. Jar and ceramic dish from Garbo. 
Behind a door hiding the coffee machine from Miele. The door has a touch function, no handles needed.
Chopping and bottled in different sizes of Garbo. Chef Le zie, Paolo Roberto, and vases from Room

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