Fashion in Leaves

Personal Project: Fashion in Leaves

"Fashion in Leaf" was inspired by leaf and fashion. I was wondering does fashion can be part of leaf art as I'm interested in fashion. The most challlenging in this project was how to apply leaf to dress! However, I tried to find some more special leaf this time to make the "dress" looks elegant. I was very surprised to get those such beautiful leaves in a garden. I never thought the leaves can be so beautiful, some of them are full of structures, patterns and lines on it, different colors in a leaf, even is withered leaves. So, I applied them into different types of dresses according to the different types of leaves.

Women are always look attractive at this pose.
This withered leaf is about 27cm height and one is enough for a dress. Amazing right?
Made with yellow morning glory. There were alot on the grass and I was wondering if they were be used in my project. I tried to put them in and finally, it has been done and it's another beauty.
Inspired by a famous actress - Audrey Hepburn. Using simple shapes of leaves to create graceful figure. 
The original colors of these leaves was same as the leaves on the first image( Audrey Hepburn ). After few days later, and it becomes colors like this.
These leaves are so glossy and "she" looks noble.
Tried to use different colors of leaves to represent the dress. This colors is nice indeed, it's dark purple. Looks like a evening dress and she's going to attend a ball.
I like this very much as these 2 leaves simply show the "difficult pose" of the "model".
Wanted to create a long elegance gown.
Can't believe it? Certainly, it's withered leaf! They are all about 50 pieces of small withered leaves. (definitely not, I didn't count it ^^ )

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