A fairy house in the woods

A fairy house in the woods

It has a stream in the garden. A playhouse painted red. The lounge is a viewpoint of forest and beds you snuggle under the attic ... The reform of this house is a story with a happy ending.

"I am one to think that the home chooses you, not you to them, " says Lorena convinced." On a trip I made ​​by Cantabria, one day I saw, by chance, a house that I love. This was a former stable situated in an idyllic location, with a lot of ground, its own stream ... a real dream. Anyway, after a time, flipping through a magazine, there it was. A photo of the house of my dreams, and was for sale! I could not believe. seemed that I had found home. bought it without hesitation. "

From there began the task of rehabilitation , which commissioned a builder in the area, José Luis Shooter. Although Lorraine was clear about what she wanted, she was advised by Ana Delgado, who besides being her friend and owner of an interior decorating studio Laminter.

"The most important thing was to make the most of the wonderful surroundings of the house and give prominence to the garden.
So we put a dining area a little further away to create a charming spot in which to enjoy nature at any time of day.
It is perfect for an aperitif, a coffee or just a chat, explains Lorraine. 
In the porch stood a pleasant seating area and a stool that becomes a magnificent viewpoint.

Slightly away from the main house there is a small house painted red. "It's a playhouse for girls -specific Lorena. 
We always had hoped to have one, and now we had a chance, had to take it.
Hesitant at first about how to build it, but then we came up with the idea of ​​copying the typical traditional buildings of Sweden, the native country of my husband. So we would have a bit of their land in our new home. "

In the reform of the house remained all possible original materials such as stone and wood beams, and placed the mud floor and woodwork typical of the area. 
"We wanted to retain the rural atmosphere of the block. I love its rustic flavor, says Lorraine. I also really wanted to enjoy the scenery from the inside, so we installed a glass front that runs along the wall and it's filled with life and light throughout the house ."

Then came time to distribute the spaces so that all communications environments while stay distinct. Along with Anna, we found solutions as great as the low wall that separates the dining room or the open partition without leaving the kitchen independent closed to the rest of the plant. 

In the living room, not downplaying nature peeks through the glass panel, opted for a sofa work low-rise, which does not hinder the view, and another placed in front, from which you can enjoy them fully .

"I wanted to have a pink room. I mentioned it to my friend Monica Jessen, who is an interior designer and she helped me with the choice of furniture. She suggested I introduce color with painted chairs, which have been great. "

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