White Country Cottage

Delightful and charming country cottage in Australia-- lots of oohs and ahhhs for you shabby chic fans! Enjoy!

Dining room An ornate brass and glass Edward Miller kerosene hanging lamp with crystals (circa 1890) is the focal point of the dining room. The chairs at the table are all second-hand finds; the one at the front, with turned spindles, is a ballroom chair.
Decorating Two of the most extensive of the owner's many collections are white buttons and representations of the Eiffel Tower.
Sunroom A marble-topped French garden table, folding chairs and an old iron bedstead used as a day bed fill the sunroom.
Kitchen Enamelled storage bins, platters, jugs and ladles make a period setting for the vintage Kooka stove.
Decorating A collection of ceramic eggs and linen.
Studio A statue of Joseph, bought at a Lismore convent’s auction, presides over the workroom.
Bedroom The nickel and iron bedstead is a striking feature in the bedroom.
Hallway Several doors in the house feature ornate timber surrounds.
Collections Buttons, packages, Rathjen pottery vases and part of a dog collection are on display in the dining room.
Decorating Ceramic ale and milk jugs, made in Australia, America and the UK, make a striking ensemble.
Display Beside an early 1900s lace curtain sits a cast-iron umbrella stand from a Lismore second-hand shop.

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